JNTUK procedure to apply for special Grace Marks

JNTUK procedure to apply for special Grace Marks


JNTUK procedure to apply for special Grace MarksJNTUK procedure to apply for special Grace Marks

this article is reference to 9/2/2016 

student who has 3 backlogs can go through this article

Eligibility for Special Grace Marks:(Note: this is addition to the  failed  subject grace marks only)

  1. A Maximum of 0.15%(Upto 8 marks only) adjustment marks shall be added to the latest performance of failed theory subjects and limited to only two failed subjects only.
  2.  The required marks shall be adjusted from external marks of passed subjects of the final year Project/seminar/Theory only, both for UG and PG programmes.
  3. The Candidate must have appeared at least one supplementary examination.

Note: This Rule is not applicable for the persons who have 2 subjects in 1st year

Download JNTUK official grace marks notification

Below you can see the process to apply for  special Grace Marks

  1. The Student who is applying for Grace Marks Should get a request letter through principal of his college.
  2. Also need Original Marks Memo Containing the subjects  for which Additional Grace Marks are applicable and final year project/seminar/theory only.
  3. The Candidate needs to apply for Grace Marks Only at their respective College.
  4. Grace Marks is applicable for all UG/PG courses.
  5. Students have to submit the original mark list of which he want add marks along with 4-2 original marks memo


  • you should not pay fee for this subject if you pay the fee this condition will fail 
  • This process is going to take minimum  of  2 months 

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  1. Hi sir…
    Iam Vijay.
    I had a query about this. That is… what if a student has more than 3 backlogs?

  2. Can i apply at university for grace marks obtaining fast? I want my PC & CMM as soon as possible for job purpose .!!! Normally how many days to take to get grace marks if i apply for grace marks at university?

  3. As per jntu we can leave 2 subjects….i have 4 backlogs if i add grace marks to two subjects can we leave the other two

  4. It is applicable to r13 regular students

  5. Sir i have 3 subjects leaving two subjects ramaining one is get 14 marks for that subject pass purpose i am eligible for this grace marks

  6. Sir I am having 3 back logs.. Am I eligible to apply for grace marks for 1 subject.. And the remaining 2 backlogs can leave as 8 credit’s..

  7. if student has 3 back logs not in 1st year subjects in 3-2 2 subjects and 4-2 1subject is he eligible

  8. Hii sir….
    I completed all subjects without writing any supplementary exam, may I eligible to apply the grace marks?
    If I eligible to apply the grace marks, my grade will be chenge.
    Plz give reply for my question.

  9. i have 3 subjcts can i eligible for pc cmm

  10. Sir shall we apply for grace marks now in my college???

  11. Sir nakhu 1-1 lo m1…2-1 lo Td …4-1 lo mems internal marks 18 external 19. Total 6225 ke nakhu 3802 vachindhi …sir nakhu mems subject ke Grace marks add avutdha sir.

  12. How many Grace marks will you add . I Got 66.1%…I am 2014 Passedout R10.

  13. chimata vamsikrishna yadav

    I have 5backlogs,2sub in fst yr….2subs in 2nd yr….and 1sub in 3rd yr…I want leave 2subs frm 1st yr and 1sub frm 3rd year.
    Then I must have to pass the remaining 2subjects or can I apply for grace marks.
    If I passed d remaining 2core subjects can I apply for pcc………plzzzzzzz SIRgive me d ansr…..im totally confused about leaving 3 subjects. Plzzz HELP ME SIR

  14. Is this for only this year passout engineers or previous years too?

  15. sir i have 2 subjects backlogs i can levae them. in that case can i add grace marks to one subject.

  16. i have two subjects backlogs. so is there any possible way to add grace marks fo one subject.

  17. I have 2 subjects frm 1st year and 2 from the 2nd year ..can i apply for grace marks

  18. Sir, i got 1st time 26 marks .i want 33 marks to pass.later i wrote nearly 4supllies .i had not passed the sub.can i eligible to apply for grace marks

  19. I have 3 backlogs can I apply for grace marks

  20. I have already applied for special grace marks on April 31st 2016, but till date there is no response from JNTUK
    I want to know what is the reason for delay

  21. You said minimum 2 months maximum How many years?

  22. Hi sir, I belong to r13 and i have 1 backlog in 3-2 can I apply for grace marks now

  23. Sir I have 1 subject from 2-1, 1 subject from 2-2, 1 subject from 3-1, 1 subject from 3-2. Can I apply for grace marks

  24. I hav latest subject marks 16 can go through

  25. Sir I have 4 back logs and I have above 17 marks in each 4 of them is this Applicable for me r 10 regulation

  26. sir i have 2 backlogs..i get 59.85% did i get eligible for geting grace marks

  27. Sir its applicable for r13 also

  28. Sir actually i am with only subject remaining ….i got 16 marks in one of my supply not the latest one. Can i apply for the grave marks.

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